SLAMS Club Rules

The club rules are in addition to the BMFA rules. A condition of club membership is that safety rules, as listed below and amended from time to time, are to be accepted. The rules are intended to ensure that ALL members can get the maximum enjoyment from the hobby with the minimum of risk to themselves and others.

If it is pointed out to you that your flying is deemed to be potentially dangerous or you are breaching the rules, this is done for your benefit as well as others. Do accept the comments in good heart.

    1. No flying to commence before 10:00 must cease by 21:00 on any day. With the exception of Sundays when flying is not to commence until 11.00am
    2. Membership cards are to be carried at all times as proof of possessing insurance and a Park Permit.
    3. All members to pass BMFA 'A' certificate of the discipline/s they wish to fly before flying unsupervised on the club flying field. With the exception of Gas Turbines which require the Pilot to pass BMFA ’B’ certificate.
    4. In accordance with article 56 The Air Navigation Order 1996, a member "shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property".
    5. Children are not permitted in the 'pits' area with the exception of a members child under their personal supervision actively being taught to fly.
    6. No more than 5 models are to be in the air at any one time.
    7. Models must not be taxied into or out of the pits area.
    8. A model in the pits area must be physically restrained if the engine is running.
    9. Propellers must not be used that have been damaged in any way.
    10. All engines are to be adequately silenced. And must not exceed the current Department of the Environment noise emission limit.
    11. The direction of take-off should not be towards the pits area or any spectators. Allowance must be made for the 'swing' of some aircraft on take-off.
    12. No model should be flown over the pits nor any area where other sports are taking place.
    13. Due regard must be paid to members of the public walking across the Clearings. Landings must be adjusted if necessary so as to avoid any possibility of accident.
    14. Transmitters are not allowed to be switched on in any other part of the park except the pits, flight line and helicopter area.
    15. On arrival at the pits area, members are asked to find out if anybody else is using the same channel as themselves. If so, liaise with them on channel sharing.
    16. Other than when the frequency pegs are not available, transmitters must not be switched on without first obtaining the correct peg for your channel.
    17. Pegs must be returned when not actively being used. Where more than one member is using the same channel, each one will be allowed 20mins "peg" time.
    18. A frequency pennant showing the channel being used is to be displayed on the transmitter.
    19. Helicopters have sole use of channels 86 to 90. No fixed wing models are to be flown on these channels. For technical safety reasons, no model can fly on channel 85.
    20. Any model either a) new b) rebuilt after an accident, or c) involved in a heavy landing or sustaining any damage, MUST have its radio gear range checked before being flown again.
    21. All models should carry details of identity, phone or BMFA number of the owner.
    22. Modellers vehicles should remain in the designated parking area.
    23. Harnesses designed to hold individual loose cells should not be used for radio receivers in power models.
    24. The BMFA safety rules are to be accepted in their entirety as part of the SLAMS
    25. No model over 7Kg without fuel to be flown, in accordance with Leeds City Council Bye Law.
    26. All Committee members assume a shared role as Safety Officers and are empowered to challenge members and cease any activity at their discretion.
    27. All Disputes within the Club to be settled by the Committee.

It is also recommended that aerials remain retracted until flying, just before the model is removed from its restraint. (This reduces the likelihood of causing interference in case of accidental switch-on. Retracted aerials are less powerful!)

SLAMS Club Constitution

1 The club shall be known as 'South Leeds Aero Modellers Society'.

2 The principal aim is to foster interest in all aspects of aero modelling in the Leeds and surrounding areas.

3 A committee shall be formed consisting of - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary ,Treasurer and up to six other members.

3.1 Elections to the committee shall take place at the A.G.M

3.2 Nominations for the committee are to be passed to the secretary at least four weeks before the AGM. Vacancies can be filled from nominations received at the AGM.

3.3 A quorum shall consist of 5 committee members.

4 Club membership is to be unrestricted at the discretion of the committee and is open to male and female members.

4 .1 Junior members to be under 18 on the 1st January of the joining year and over 10 at the time of joining.

4.2 New members joining the club after 1st September to have part of the fee credited when renewing the following year (Sept 25%, Oct 50%, Nov 75% & Dec 100%). Credits for the BMFA part of the fee dealt with separately.

4.3 Membership fees will be agreed for the following year at the AGM following recommendations made by the committee.

4.4 Membership for the forthcoming year will normally be renewed at the December meeting or by post to the Treasurer. Any member who fails to pay his subscription by Jan 1st will cease to be a member until such time as the fee is paid and not allowed to fly at the club field.

5 Club meetings will be held on a day and at a venue decided by the committee.

5.1 Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) can be called from time to time by the Secretary notifying members in writing at least 14 days beforehand giving reasons for calling the meeting.

5.2 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the first normal meeting day in December. The secretary will notify all members in writing at least 14 days beforehand.

6 The Club Committee has the right to expel or refuse membership to anyone who has been involved in conduct which in the opinion of the Club Committee is likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Club. 6.1 Expulsion would only take place after the member had been given the opportunity to answer any charges against him/her at an EGM.

7 The Secretary/Treasurer will submit the accounts (Account book, cheque book, bank statements, paying in book, receipt book etc) for checking twice a year, Once to be after 31st October and before the AGM. Two members will be asked to Check the accounts, only one to be a committee member.

8 Purchases of equipment or any items of expenditure over £100, with the exception of Block Insurance, BMFA fees and Park Permits, must be approved at an EGM or the AGM.

9 In the event of the club being disbanded, any remaining assets will be divided amongst current members according to length of service. Those who have held membership for five full consecutive years or longer shall receive a full share. Those who have held membership for less than five full consecutive years shall receive a fifth of a share for each full consecutive year of membership.

10 The committee can, at its discretion, award honorary life membership. Honorary life members shall, henceforth, be entitled to free club membership, but this will not include park permit or BMFA fees.

11 Changes to this constitution can only take place at an EGM or AGM.